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What’s more important than tires to your vehicle’s road travel?--Gas? Engine? Maybe. But your vehicle’s quality tires can not be ignored. You might be able to get on the road with old and worn tires but you and your passengers won’t be safe. Every time you take your car out for a spin you should stop to check out your tires’ condition. The most obvious warning sign is uneven treadwear, which is a signal that you need a wheel alignment. Tires normally wear down at different rates so our technicians provide timely tire rotations. Most vehicles are front wheel drive causing tires to wear more quickly in front. Our technicians will rotate tires so that you can preserve your tire tread, and improve overall safety. Eventually, every vehicle will need new tires. Tire maintenance and installations are services that enhance your driving experience. Make Mad Hatter Auto Service in Cedar Falls, IA your go-to tire sales and service facility. A new set of premium tires will prepare you for any season, inclement weather, or road condition.

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Mad Hatter Auto Service has many brands of auto tires and multiple tire sizes to fit your specific vehicle! You might even look like you’re driving a new vehicle. Our selection of top quality tire brands will put a new face on your vehicle. Your vehicle will drive smoother and hug the road tighter around corner and turns. We are pleased to provide sales and services for all major tire brands. With our wide range of tire options to select from, we’re sure we have a tire to fit your need and budget! Our certified mechanics will also perform all tire maintenance services--tire mounting, balancing, rotating, car alignment--to prolong the life and quality of your tires. Whether you’re doing a little off-road trucking, tearing up a race track, or getting to work on time, we have the tires for the job.

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Today’s the day to equip your vehicle with the best tires for your driving purposes. Tires become road hazards when they do not receive the proper attention. Before you drive your vehicle into a flat tire, tire blowout, leaking valve stem, or more, let us provide a thorough tire inspection service. Mad Hatter Auto Service keeps you rolling with the best tires on the market. Is it time to replace your tires? If so, there’s no better place in Cedar Falls for quality tire sales and service. You can give us a call at 319-277-4323 to schedule a tire service appointment. Save some time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by to inquire with our experts. When that day comes that you need a tire service or tire replacement, come to the tire service experts at Mad Hatter!